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SRP Expands its Innovative Solutions into Retail Software


PLACENTIA, California – February 19, 2010 - In a bold and forward-thinking move into a lateral market SRP Computer Solutions, Placentia, CA, has acquired the assets of RetailWare, Inc. a software development company featuring comprehensive sales transaction applications for small businesses that deal primarily with the services-buying public.

RetailWare was initially developed in the late-80s to serve the scuba diving industry but was expanded into the bicycle rental, sporting goods and water sports arenas that have unique needs specific to those industries.

RetailWare features a comprehensive, turnkey solution for retailers. The application is “software-as-a-service” (SaaS), these days more commonly called a “cloud-computing application,” and has been far ahead of the current trends since it was developed. RetailWare is one of the few complete transaction solutions available to retailers who don’t have an IT department or tech resources. Since all transactions, backups and upgrades are done on RetailWare’s servers through the Internet, the small to medium retailer is given the freedom to do what he or she does best - serve their customers.

SRP will retain RetailWare’s president, Steve Botes, as an integral part of the transition as SRP expands to become a major player in retail software applications using RetailWare’s solutions base. “We are excited that Steve has agreed to remain involved with the product and join our team. Not only will this make the transition seamless, his deep knowledge of the retail industry will give us a strong advantage for innovating and growing the RetailWare product,” said SRP president Don Bakke. “This is a natural and logical evolution for SRP,” Bakke continued, “since RetailWare was developed using the same programming platforms that SRP uses for its applications and Internet solutions.” SRP is an acknowledged leader in a wide variety of other industry software solutions including manufacturing, insurance, and automotive industries, specializing in custom-built desktop and cloud-connected applications. This move will seamlessly blend RetailWare’s mature and solid software package with SRP’s 20+ years of expertise in database engines and scalable application development.

SRP is expected to both renew and re-invigorate the commitment to this unique retail application with updated and more robust software infrastructure using their development platforms. The goal is to move beyond the current limited markets that are served by RetailWare and into more diverse retail arenas where SRP’s scalability engines can be super-utilized.

Bakke and Botes will work in tandem to continue to develop RetailWare’s current retail customer relationships and then to define new markets with which to serve. “I can’t think of a more desirable situation,” says Botes, “than to fuse these two companies’ strengths.” “We’re all very excited by this move,” said Bakke, “and we envision RetailWare becoming the software solution for many retail outlets.”

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