SRP Adds Features and Value to EDS Claims Processing Application





Web Portal Adds Capacity and Efficiency to Claims Management


HASTINGS, Minnesota – April 4, 2010 – SRP Computer Solutions is excited to announce a capstone in the process of customizing a dental/medical claims processing application for Electronic Dental Services (EDS): a fully-integrated web user interface that connects EDS' clients in a real-time manner with their data so they can instantly and easily check the status of their claims. "This latest innovation will provide huge benefits to our claims processing," said EDS President Gary Griffith.

"EDS began with a software application that was solid but didn't have all the functionality we really needed," said Griffith. Seeing the value in the software's core concept, EDS turned to the application innovators at SRP to bring the vision of what they wanted the software to do in line with the reality of the dental/medical claim processing business. "We had a list of functions we wanted and the programmers at SRP made it possible for us take our application to the next level," Griffith said.

What resulted was a nearly flawless blend of cloud computing that punched directly into the core of how data is delivered to insurance companies. "We knew we could take this application and turn it from a go cart to a racing engine," head programmer Paul Simonsen said. "We appreciated the trust EDS invested in us and we delivered." "Absolutely they did," echoed Griffith. "And this latest development makes it even easier for our customers to use."

The challenge has always been to take sensitive dental and medical records and guarantee both the personal and commercial security of the documents between several handlers over the Internet. The application also had to communicate with several different electronic protocols across dozens of platforms since EDS acts as a middleman broker for dental/medical insurance claims. "The software logic had to be flawless and uncompromising," SRP's Simonsen said. "A single error could mean disaster on either end."

SRP's innovative approach to problem solving allowed EDS to become ultra-efficient. "With the help of SRP we were able to increase our customer size about 400%," states EDS' Griffith.

EDS continues to work with SRP to further develop this unique application as technologies change and milestones, like the web interface, are achieved. Further development will take substantial advantage of the swiftly changing software engineering that makes up the infrastructure of today's cloud-based office.

"We have always been very impressed with SRP's innovative and business-oriented solutions," said EDS president Gary Griffith.

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