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SRP Computer Solutions, Inc. Helps AMS Software, Inc. Upgrade and Enhance its Dispatch and Scheduling Software


WILSONVILLE, Oregon - September 22, 2009 – AMS Software, Inc. of Wilsonville, Oregon has hired Placentia-based SRP Computer Solutions, Inc. to upgrade and enhance its line of specialty software applications for dispatching and scheduling the mobile fleets of its customers.

AMS is taking advantage of many of the programming utilities that SRP has developed to enhance the software application’s user interface and has contracted with SRP to develop some unique scheduling interface tools.

"Over the past 20 years our original DOS-based programs have assisted our customers in completing well over 2 million delivery tickets. We needed an environment in Windows that was just as stable and that would take advantage of the visual graphic environment to improve the effectiveness of our customer’s dispatchers." said Dan Unrein, general manager of AMS Software, Inc. "SRP’s FrameWorks program plus an SRP custom developed multi-user drag and drop scheduling interface gives us the stability and the enhanced user interface we were seeking."

"SRP helped develop systems that support the order entry, scheduling and pricing for our customers in the concrete delivery and concrete pumping industries. The visual order scheduling with drag and drop interactive functionality has greatly improved the effectiveness of our customer's dispatchers. Our next task of integrating order location mapping function is well underway and is being well received by our customers. The next move will be to integrate the dispatching / scheduling functions with on-board GPS units in the mobile field trucks. The ultimate goal is to be able to complete and print the delivery ticket for each delivery in the cab of the truck."

Unrein said the ultimate goal for AMS Software, Inc. is to have a complete modular fleet management system that covers a customer's needs from beginning to end allowing them to start wherever they feel their need is greatest – and know they have a clear path to expand the technology in any direction in their operation, whether they are located in the U.S., Canada, England or other points around the globe.

"SRP has been very flexible with us," Unrein said. "They work with us to give us what we need."

About SRP
SRP Computer Solutions, Inc. is a leader in highly flexible and low maintenance software with headquarters in Placentia, California, and development offices in the North West, Mid-West, and South East areas of the United States. SRP provides innovative solutions for enterprise and small-medium business (SMB) environments. SRP FrameWorks is an advanced platform for professional business applications that require scalability and role-based security. For more information, visit

About AMS
AMS Software, Inc. develops and supports specialized software systems for the dispatch and scheduling functions in the concrete delivery businesses, both ready mix and volumetric, as well as the concrete pumping businesses. They have a specialized series of applications for each of these businesses and include job statusing and GPS location services in each series. Their software is designed to match the work flow of the organization and to deliver a stable technology platform on which to improve the efficiencies of each company that implements their software tools. AMS Software, Inc. has been delivering software solutions to this industry for nearly 20 years and continues to innovate for the industry as the new technologies become available. More information can be found at

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