Retailware Online

RetailWare Online is a Point-of-Sale software used in dive shops, bike shops, and many other retail outlets.

Product History

Retailware, previously called ScubaWare, was introduced at the Diving Equipment and Marketing Association trade show in 1989. From 1989 to 2003, ScubaWare added additional expansion modules and other features to improve the product. In 2003, ScubaWare name was changed to RetailWare. The same solid foundation of ScubaWare remained, but RetailWare aimed to target more clients than just the dive industry.

On February 19th 2010, RetailWare was acquired by SRP Computer Solutions. Today, RetailWare is continuing to be improved through the use of cloud computing. This version of RetailWare is called RetailWare Online (RWO). SRP continues to add features and modules to RWO to assist our customers with the Point of Sale needs.

Product Information

RetailWare can be run on a local network using server or desktop installations. This system allows for management of Sales, Inventory, Customer History, Classes, Trips, Rentals, etc. This system is contained to the owner's network and is not based in the cloud. This system is perfect for locations with weak internet connections or rural locations.

RWO runs off of our cloud based servers through the use of the 2X client. By downloading this client and entering your credentials, users are able to access their store information wherever they have an internet connection. This allows owners to be on the other side of the world on a dive trip and still check in on their company's reports and sales. The owner can rest assured knowing how their company is doing, even when they are away. RWO servers are backed up regularly and have a 99.9% up time. We recommend this product to anyone who has access to a constant internet connection and desires to have their information backed up and stored on our secure servers. RWO can be run off almost any Window's based machine.

Product Web Site

For more information about RetailWare or RWO, please visit the RetailWare web site.